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About Us

The COVID-19 fight, like many others, can affect vulnerable immigrant communities the most. Even when immigrants make it to the hospital, many face language barriers that can be the difference between life or death -- especially since the virus prevents family members from accompanying patients to the ER and interpreting for them.


What we are seeing in NYC (and what is soon to happen everywhere else in the country) is that patients with limited English proficiency are being left without proper care. Free or low-income clinics that are volunteer-run might also not be able to afford professional medical interpreters even as more patients are coming in.


While we strongly encourage hospitals to reach out to professional medical interpreters (a legal right for ALL patients), we understand that this pandemic is unlike anything we have seen before. That's why Carolina J. Moreno -- a first-generation American and Colombian-born storyteller -- decided to create a national database of bilingual volunteers and volunteer interpreters as a temporary resource.


Currently, we have more than 2,000 remote volunteers across the country with various degrees of experience -- from informal interpreting for their families to certified medical interpreting. Our volunteers can interpret in over 40  languages, including some less common dialects. We also have over 30 local leads helping with outreach in their cities and/or states!

This is a grassroots effort of amazing people coming together to help patients with limited English proficiency receive the care they deserve. If you have the time and the skill, JOIN US! 


How to Help

Let's make a difference during these unprecedented times!


If you are a hospital, clinic or organization interested in gaining access to the database, please email us at covid19interpret@gmail.com with the subject line "[Organization Name] Needs Interpreter Database." 

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